IPP's principal team has been working with a clothing retailer for 4 years. The relationship began when the retailer was building a new systems infrastructure to combine point of sale / transactional data with customer level data and allow both systems to interact to provide a full view of customer interactions on which to base marketing and other strategic decisions.

We helped provide specifications for the system and reporting infrastructure. In addition, major analysis projects include: understanding the behavior of customers with an in-house credit card, analysis of comparative store characteristics using both the database and MapInfo mapping software to help inform real estate decisions. The insight from these projects helped build a customer value segmentation for the retailer that became the foundation for their current marketing strategy. Other work has included recruiting, training and on going support for a CRM database manager to manage day to day reporting, campaign management and analysis. This support includes management of complex analyses, and investigations that require going into the underlying database and coverage when that manager is unavailable. IPP has also been on to support a variety of business strategy projects based on its knowledge and understanding of both their business and customer data.